The arrival of a baby in the family is one of the most important moments in the life of a couple and for that very reason, there are many parents begin preparations months before the glorious day.

The preparation of the newborns room is essential, not only a decorative but also practical sense. If youre going to be a parent and you want to fix everything at their fingertips so that you are not serving any detail what we will and will ensure the comfort of your little one from day one.

Since weve already spoken several times of how to decorate babys room (styles, colors, furniture, etc.). today we will focus more on the issue of the environment of the room. To do this you should consider the following:

– Day and night: the first days did not differ, and they are able to sleep in any space and situation. To help you learn the times of day is recommended that the room is completely dark at night and if possible avoid placing the crib in the sun, near drafts or noise sources.

– Lighting: the best is to have an adjustable lighting system or, alternatively, with multiple light sources of different intensity (primary and secondary). With regard to natural light, use of light curtains to regulate the passage of light without plunging the room into darkness.

– Temperature: Try to stay around 20 C, but if you resort to heating also controls the environmental dryness by placing a humidifier.

– Atmosphere: You should ventilate the room daily to remove all harmful substances that accumulate in it (humidity, dust, hygiene and cleaning products, air fresheners, etc..). Of course, it should be forbidden to smoke in it.

Just to give a quick mention for the babys bedroom decor is recommended to use light colors and cheerful and not cluttering the space with too much furniture to make it more comprehensive and practical.